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Changzhou Gelisen Qianjin Gear Co,.Ltd

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About us

Changzhou Gelisen Qianjin Gear Co,.Ltd. is a professional production of spiral bevel gear manufacturers, through the GB/T19001-2016 certification, the trademark is "arc sound card" as a symbol (see is arc-shaped, sound no sound). The company is located in Changzhou one of the four famous town of Hutang Town, is located in the South West of Changzhou along the high-speed, close to Changzhou University City and Wujin high-tech development zone. More than 20 years history of production gear, skilled workers, has a professional engineering and technical personnel and skilled team, and has a variety of domestic, the United States, Japan imported CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine more than 30 taiwan. The NC machining of a dragon, a bevel gear, advanced lapping, grinding and cylindrical hobbing gear grinding technology, and equipped with Oerlikon gear lapping machine, spiral bevel gear grinding machine and precision gear testing equipment. Suitable for all kinds of mechanical transmission precision requirements, to the finished product batch can be single, all in one service from raw materials, products sell well all over the country. 
Spiral bevel gear is the company's specifications from 1 module -30 modulus, diameter 10mm-1600mm, precision grade GB5 grade -GB8, widely used in textile machinery, mining machinery, reducer, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, port machinery, cement machinery, tobacco,machine tools and other mechanical transmission. 

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